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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Ray & Sarah {Santa Fe Wedding Photography}

I had been looking forward to photographing Sarah and Ray's wedding from the moment I met them last fall. They were sweet, in love and enthusiastic about their wedding photography. It only got better from there. First we photographed their engagement session on a cold winter day. Sarah was such a trooper, limping along with her knee injury. Here is the link to that session: Sarah & Ray engagement. The good folks at Museum Cafe liked the silhouette image so much, they asked if they could use it in an advertisement. Sarah and Ray were proudly in the magazine "Edible Santa Fe." Months later, after learning some new skills at a photo convention, I asked my friends on Facebook if anyone would model for me. They were the first to volunteer! We had another fun session together at the top of La Fonda Hotel. Did I mention that Sarah and Ray met on Facebook?

February 27, 2011. We had such fun shooting in the snow! Well, despite the fact that it was a little chilly.

Fast forward to July 9, 2011. As you can see, it's an understatement to say that Ray is taller than Sarah. I'm going to guess by twelve inches? So you may wonder why she chose to wear flat shoes on her wedding day. Well, it's complicated. That knee injury that was bothering her last year only got worse, much worse, before it got better. But Sarah was determined to walk down the isle. She worked hard in physical therapy. Once again proving what a trooper she is.

What stuck me the most about Sarah, on her wedding day, was her interest in helping others. It was so generous and selfless on her part. Really a beautiful sign of her character.

I loved photographing Ray and his groomsmen as they waited for the ceremony. Documenting the camaraderie and getting relaxed candid photographs is one thing I really love about wedding photography.


Minutes before the outdoor wedding, it began to rain. The first time in months. Most New Mexicans would see this as a joyous event especially considering the devastating Los Conchas wildfires that had been raging since June. Not so joyous for Sarah on her wedding day. True to New Mexico's style of weather, it was over in less than ten minutes. There was a huge sigh of relief and the sun came out.

Honestly, the weather couldn't have been better!

The happy couple after a beautiful ceremony.

Instead of flowers ~ feathers and fans!

The reflecting pond at Sunrise Springs.

A quiet moment after the ceremony.

The ponds at Sunrise Springs are so full of life. 

The gorgeous cake from Chocolate Maven.

Sarah & Ray's first dance. 

Some toasts make you laugh.

Some toasts make you cry.

Some girls like to fly.

I was astounded to learn that Sarah's father designed and made their rings. I knew he owned a landscaping materials business but I didn't know, until the wedding day, that he was also a jewelry maker. 

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