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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Babies, babies, babies!

Three of my wedding clients have gotten pregnant and/or had their babies this year. I've had the privilege to photograph them. It's such a joy to continue to stay in touch with these amazing couples!

Adriana & Brain ~ Married April 24, 2010

Will & Ranier ~ Married August 14, 2010

Anne and Dan ~ Married September 6, 2009. 
Thanks to Facebook I've been able to stalk, I mean "follow" what Anne and Dan have been up to including Anne's pregnancy. Their TWINS were born a few months ago which is really fun because my husband and I have twins too, ten year old boys. Anne and Dan were in town this last weekend visiting family. We had an opportunity to get together and I took a few snapshots of the new parents and their adorable off spring!

 Here they are with their little bundles of pure love.

Babies are so yummy!

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