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Monday, September 20, 2010

Jessica & Bradd ~ September 18, 2010

Jessica and I met at a bridal fair. I had a booth and she came to talk to me about photography (not her wedding photography, because at that time, she figured she would use a photographer from Reno, Nevada) but photography in general. She loves photography and I love to talk about photography so we connected. That was March. She assisted me on a wedding in April as my second shooter. She took some amazing shots that ended up in the final album for the bride and groom. At some point after that, I think we both knew that I would shoot her wedding. I really wanted to and she really wanted me. I love Jess because she tells me that I "rock like Slayer." There's a scene in the movie Shrek where Donkey says, "You see that Shrek? She called me a noble steed." That's a movie reference that may only make sense if you have kids. Anyway, Jess makes me feel like a "noble steed".

It was great when we started working together because we had plenty of time to do an engagement session and a bridal session here in Santa Fe. I posted the engagement shots awhile back. But I didn't post any shots from the bridal session because we didn't want Bradd to see the dress.

The bridal session was at her mother's house which was beautifully decorated with lots of natural light.

This is a special piece of jewelry that Jess wore for the bridal session and on the wedding day.

Fresh cut flowers from her mom's garden for the bridal session. It was nice to have her mom and sister Kristina on hand to help out.

The shoes that Jessica planned to wear. As it turned out, a pair of flip-flops did the trick.

Here Jess threw on a cowboy hat for Bradd's sake. He's a little bit country.

I posted this shot awhile back but just had to re post since it is such a cool red guitar and nice shot of her rings.

As you can see, she is a little bit rock-n-roll.

After two flights, I arrived in Reno and this was our hotel.

I was bound and determined to get a shot of this sign before the weekend was over. Jessica's family was so generous to give me rides everywhere. Here, I was getting a ride from the rehearsal to the hotel with Jessica's father, David, step-mom Melissa, sister Briana and her boyfriend Tyler. We were driving along and the sign appeared almost out of no where. I shouted, "slow down" and took this shot from the back seat, through the windshield. Thank you David for slowing down, and sorry for yelling. :)

Here is Jess the day of the wedding. Hair done by her amazing sister Briana. If you are looking for a stylist in the Portland area, she's your girl.

Bradd moments before the wedding.

Flowers done by Bradd's mom Debbi and her wonderful friends. They used peacock feathers as details.

Perfect garter for Jess, notice the tattoo on her fore arm below.....

I love this t-shirt!

The ceremony over-looking Reno from the scenic D'Andrea Golf Club.

All of Jess and Bradd's siblings.

Their first dance over-looking the scenic valley. They danced to Journey, "Faithfully".

The weather was perfect for a reception outside.

Jess and her sisters. Those girls can sing!

A sleepy girl on grandma's shoulder.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Sarah & Andy

Sarah and her daughters got ready at Adorn Hair Studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

The girls went to get treats at nearby Tree House Pastry Shop & Cafe. They came back with delicious looking cupcakes. I had never heard of it before and the girls told me that it is an organic cafe which uses produce from local farmers. The bakery items are organic and they use local wheat. They even make organic wedding cakes! Their motto is, "saving the world one cupcake at a time." I'm a new fan of Tree House and plan on going back soon.

The wedding took place at the beautiful Hacienda Dona Andrea which is located about 25 miles south of Santa Fe.

Sarah and her beautiful daughters before the wedding.

Here is Andy before the wedding. Just as I was about to take this shot, a gust of wind blew his tie up and over his shoulder. Not straightening it perfectly is a reflection of Andy's easy going nature.

Here is a sweet moment between Sarah's sister and niece before the wedding.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Indian Market

In Santa Fe each year there is an Indian Market. It is held downtown on the historic plaza. Hundreds of Native Americans come to display and sell their art. This year there was a lot going on.  There were performances and clothing competitons. The food was great. I couldn't resist getting corn on the cob. It was an amazing opportunity for me to shoot portraits. Here are some of the images I got on Saturday August 21, 2010.


I don't think this gentleman was Native but he was kind enough to let me take his picture.

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