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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Volunteer Photography for AID & Comfort Gala 2012

This obviously is not wedding photography, but I am just as passionate about it. I returned this year to photograph the 24th annual AID and Comfort Gala in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The theme was "The World of Burlesque." Guests arrived wearing amazing costumes and there were many great performers and performances.  

The reason I love to volunteer anything related to Southwest CARE Center is because it is such an amazing organization. It provides comprehensive medical care, research, education, prevention and support services to people affected by HIV/AIDS and related conditions in New Mexico. It is a cause that is near and dear to my heart because my husband's cousin died of AIDS.

Here we have Santa Fe's own Mena Domina of Zircus Erotique, a contemporary & classic burlesque dance company. The Gala was held at Buffalo Thunder. Peter Lovato, the director of catering and events, did an amazing job as did all the volunteers and staff from Southwest Care Center. 

Ms. Frenchie Davis performed for an enormous crowd. It was such a lively and colorful event, I LOVED documenting all the festivities. Proceeds from this event benefit the AID & Comfort Fund which provides care and services, including life-saving medications, that are not otherwise covered by insurance or other programs to over 600 people living with HIV/AIDS in New Mexico. Bravo!

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