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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Winter Wonderland {Minneapolis Lifestyle Photographer}

Now I know I haven't had a lot of nice things to say about the weather in Minnesota this year. But please be patient. My blood hasn't adjusted to this weather after living in Santa Fe, New Mexico for the last eight years. Their winters are considerably less severe. I know I will eventually acclimate. I did grow up in Wisconsin after-all. Although I will say the -79 degree wind chill was a bit extreme. Let's be honest, it was brutal.

So as I was sitting with my husband enjoying about my third cup of coffee I kept noticing the sparking snow just outside our window. It reminded me how much I truly enjoy looking at snow. Even as a child, I'd catch snow on my mittens and look carefully at the unique frozen designs. I've ALWAYS adored how snow glistens in light whether it is through sunshine or street lamps in the evening. Snow is natures glitter. 

Another aspect of snow that makes me swoon is how it can float gently down to  the ground. I captured a flake doing just that to the left of my logo. What fun, and what a nice way to change my dreary attitude. Maybe living back in this climate won't be so bad?

Monday, January 6, 2014

Fall chill was in the air {Minneapolis Lifestyle Photographer}

One thing I missed about the Midwest was the fall colors: how maples and oaks turn in September and October. We moved back to Minnesota after living in Santa Fe, New Mexico for nine years. This family portrait of fellow photographer Jill Mettler and her gang, is exactly what I'm talking about. Look at those background colors!

It was chilly and they huddled together to keep warm. What a perfect group hug for an equally perfect family portrait. It's the New Year and the leaves are long gone and the earth is blanketed with snow now. I am just getting around to blogging this session after a busy period of designing and ordering wedding albums before the holidays. Cheers everyone!

Bestie {Minneapolis Lifestyle Photographer}

I had such a wonderful time photographing my dear friend Melissa and her marvelous family. We shot the session right before Christmas so they could give portraits to their families. She and I were inseparable in college in the sweet little town of Eau Claire, Wisconsin. We talked practically daily when we ventured off to different cities after graduation. I went to London & New York, she went to Chicago. After all these years, we are back in the Midwest just a few hours drive from each other! Thanks for coming over for a great afternoon of fun and reconnecting. 

I adore these individual portraits.

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