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Monday, January 30, 2012

Proposal ~ Yussef & Angela {Santa Fe Wedding Photography}

For me as a photographer, this story started in October 2009 when Yussef contacted me to take family portraits of himself with his two adorable sons. He was a single dad. From our session, I could see that he was a good father. So patient and kind with his boys (and what cuties! Just look at them).

Then last fall, exactly two years later, he contacted me again to see if I was available for a family portrait session. This time, it was for his girlfriend Angela. 
A single mom. 

Angela hired me to take portraits of herself, with her sweet kids, for their Christmas card.
Yussef tagged along and it was wonderful to see him after two years.

Yussef called soon after Angela's session wanting to book another session for just the two of them. He told me that he wanted to surprise her and propose during the session! Eeeeep! My first ever proposal. We had a great time figuring our the logistics, like planning where I was going to stand. He decided to propose in front of St. Francis Cathedral. I scoped it out before and decided it would be best if I was across the street in the parking garage window. 

We told Angela that I was simply moving to the parking garage to get a different angle. Once I was positioned in the window and had my camera settings ready, I signaled Yussef and he dropped to one knee. It was truly beautiful to witness his proposal. I felt like I had been given the only exclusive seat to a private performance. What an honor! It was so sweet, I could hardly stand it. Then we went on to take more photographs around downtown Santa Fe.

The happy engaged couple. 

I asked them to stand this way. However, it's not usually the actual pose I'm looking for, it's what happens naturally when two people, who love each other, come together. I never know how it's going to go. Sometimes I see gut-busting laughter, sometimes I see desire ~ rawr, sometimes I see calm and sometimes I see protection & comfort like right here in this photograph. Thanks Yussef and Angela for having me capture such a special moment in your lives!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sisters {Santa Fe Wedding Photography}

Definition of Synchronicity ~ the coincidental occurrence of events. I love following my wedding clients as their lives change. This is the story of two sisters ~ Adriana and Julia. First, I photographed Adriana's wedding, Julia was the maid of honor (seen giving the toast). Then they discovered that they were both pregnant, at the same time! They invited me to photograph a maternity session (look at those marvelous bellies). Finally, the babies were born (just three days apart, yes it's true) and I was invited to photograph a session when the little "chubsters" were only three months old. How FUN.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Andrea & Chris {Santa Fe, New Mexico Wedding Photograph}

I love when couples choose Santa Fe as their destination wedding location. That is exactly what Andrea and Chris did. They are from Boston. My sister-in-law used to live there! I also love when couples travel to Santa Fe before the wedding to organize things for their big day. That is exactly what Andrea and Chris did in November. So we got to spend time together photographing an engagement session at the wedding and reception locations.

The reception is going to be held at the Inn of the Five Graces. I am excited to be working with renowned wedding planner Heidi Mitchell of Soiree

Andrea and Chris showed their playful natures. 

It's just a quick walk from the Inn of the Five Graces to the San Miguel Mission. 

The wedding will be at the San Miguel Mission which is the oldest church building in the United States. Stay tuned for wedding images in June.

Libby & Chris Engagement {Santa Fe Wedding Photographer}

Libby and Chris found my website on-line and called for an engagement session. Do you know the main reason why they picked me? Because I like dogs! If you check out my website and go to the "ABOUT" section, you will see that I have listed a few things about me, one of them being that I am a pet owner. We have three rescue dogs from New Mexico and we adopted a farm kitten from Wisconsin seven years ago. He is one big cat now. Needless to say, our house is full of fur.

Chris and Libby have two adorable dogs, Gismoe and Lt. They were definitely included in the session. We started at their house so the doggies could get to know me on their own turf.

 Then we headed down to Santa Fe's historic plaza. Lt. and Gismoe couldn't wait to go for a walk. The Plaza was decorated beautifully for the holidays.

It was just chilly enough for Libby to welcome the chance to snuggle into Chris.

Gismoe was VERY protective the entire session and watched curiously.

It's clear Chris loves their dogs but I think it's obvious that Libby has stolen his heart!

Joe & Beth Engagement {Santa Fe Wedding Photography}

I received an inquiry from Beth in the beginning of August regarding her wedding photography. She found my website on the Internet. When I spoke to her on the phone, she told me that she and her fiance, Joe, were from St. Louis. We had JUST stopped by the arch in St. Louis that same week! You see, my husband Pat, our ten year old twin boys, our two dogs and our cat had all just driven from Wisconsin (after visiting our families in Menomonie) to New Mexico. St. Louis was a stop along the way. What a fun coincidence. I LOVE coincidences.

New Mexico is a magical place for Beth and Joe. They spent time here while they were dating. In fact, Cathedral Park was a place they visited one special weekend. They got engaged in Albuquerque during Balloon Fiesta last year. What is Balloon Fiesta? It is the largest ballooning event on earth, with over 600 hot air balloons. What a spectacular place to get engaged.

I know most men roll their eyes when they hear about engagement sessions. But I have to give Joe credit. He was a trooper. I mean, how often are you asked to touch noses with your partner? It always makes people crack up and it makes for a great shot. I love it!

The wedding and reception will be at La Posada, which is one of Santa Fe's beautiful resorts just blocks from the Historic Plaza. I'm delighted to be working with the wonderful David Stone, who is in charge of weddings there.

  I love this photograph taken at the Plaza. Notice their scarves? Scarves are going to be a theme at the wedding. (shhh......)

It was a great session during their short visit to Santa Fe in December. 
Stay tuned for photographs from their wedding in May 2012.

Bess & Scott Engagement {Santa Fe Wedding Photographer}

Santa Fe is a destination location for Bess and Scott. Their story is complicated but can be explained in a nutshell. She's from Alabama, he's from Texas. They met during college in Tennessee. They spent many years in what would be considered a "long distance" relationship, in various cities and various states. 

They are getting married at the Loretto Chapel and the reception will be held at the Inn of Loretto. I absolutely love the architecture of the hotel. 

The Loretto Chapel is known for it's mysterious spiral staircase, click the link to learn more.

You can see they are such a fun couple. I was thrilled to meet them and have an opportunity to photograph them during their visit to Santa Fe in the end of August.

Both moms joined them. I feel so blessed to have met them all before the wedding. It's going to be a great day! Stay tuned for images from their wedding in June.

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