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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Bess & Scott Engagement {Santa Fe Wedding Photographer}

Santa Fe is a destination location for Bess and Scott. Their story is complicated but can be explained in a nutshell. She's from Alabama, he's from Texas. They met during college in Tennessee. They spent many years in what would be considered a "long distance" relationship, in various cities and various states. 

They are getting married at the Loretto Chapel and the reception will be held at the Inn of Loretto. I absolutely love the architecture of the hotel. 

The Loretto Chapel is known for it's mysterious spiral staircase, click the link to learn more.

You can see they are such a fun couple. I was thrilled to meet them and have an opportunity to photograph them during their visit to Santa Fe in the end of August.

Both moms joined them. I feel so blessed to have met them all before the wedding. It's going to be a great day! Stay tuned for images from their wedding in June.


Margaret Elliott said...

As "sister of the bride", I have to say these pictures are beautiful and I can only imaging how amazing the actual wedding day photos will look!! ~Margaret

Corinna See said...

Thank you Margaret!

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