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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Southwest Care Center's AID and Comfort Gala 2011 {Santa Fe Wedding Photography}

Southwest Care Center provides comprehensive medical care, research, education, prevention and support services to people affected by HIV/AIDS and related conditions in New Mexico. Every year they hold a fundraising gala. It has the reputation of being one of Santa Fe's best parties.

A friend on the planning committee asked if I would consider volunteering photography. How could I say no to an issue that is so near and dear to my heart? My husband's cousin died of AIDS in the 90's. The theme for the fundraiser was "BOND ~ James Bond." Everything was done with the utmost of care, the decorations were outstanding, the entertainment was awesome, the food was amazing, the donations for the silent auction were wonderful and the generosity with which everyone donated their time was truly heart warming. Clearly there are a lot of people in this town who care about this issue. It took place at the beautiful Hilton of Santa Fe with the help of Hugh Thomas, the Director of Catering.

Guests enjoyed dancing. 

Martini's were poured through a 9mm ice sculpture gun.

Guests had fun playing Roulette.

Donated jewelry for the silent auction.

Guava Chiffon performed for the delighted guests.

The guests had a great time dancing.

More items were auctioned, like this stunning necklace. All proceeds going to Southwest Care Center.

Nucia Lee and Beth Baldini performing.

I also had the pleasure of working with three wonderful photographers who donated their time to this event. 
Please check them out: Karen SchuldKerry Gallagher and Eric Cousineau.

Friday, November 11, 2011

A Grandmother's Love {Santa Fe Wedding Photography}

I photographed Maria's wedding this year and wanted to post about a moment from her day that touched me. We were shooting the formal family portraits right outside the venue, the Historic Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas, New Mexico. Different groupings of different family members, one after another. Her grandma waited patiently. When it was her turn to be photographed next to her newly married grand daughter, she did what most proud grandparents do, she smiled. 

Then she turned to Maria and kissed her forehead. They looked at each other and began to cry. Then they hugged and cried some more. That is exactly what I cherish about photography. Being witness to these moments and having the honor to document such memories. 

The flowers were gorgeous! 

The Historic Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas, New Mexico.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Head shots & Dog shot {Santa Fe Wedding Photography}

Sometimes my wedding clients will refer me to their friends, even when it's not a wedding referral. For instance, Ranier knew that her married friends, Ed and Judy, both needed head shots for their individual businesses. She gave them my name. When I have time (like now, like today), I will do portrait jobs. Besides that, it's hard for me to turn down any photography. I enjoy it so much. So we made arrangements to shoot a session for professional head shots. What I love about going to someone's home is that I get to observe their environment. 

First we got the head shots out of the way. Don't they look professional? I think so.

Then it was time to get some fun shots. What I consider "snuggley" portraits. Look, they are still in love, after fifteen years of marriage. I can't help it. It's the wedding photographer in me, that can't resist capturing love.

 Then I had to steal some portraits of their amazing dogs. Here is Lucy. She was watching us so intently. Look at those eyes!

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