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Monday, December 24, 2012

New Mexico Holiday Portrait

I love getting to know my clients. Allison is one of the high school seniors, that I have photographed this year. This is her family during the holidays. 
Her older sister was home from college breifly. We had one day to get these marvelous portraits, on their beautiful property. 
Look a that view! As gorgeous as the family in front of it.

A favorite pose for me is to get family members to snuggle tight. What a beautiful mother and her daughters. 

This location was a must for a family portrait. Santa Fe architecture has such unique fireplaces.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Volunteer Photography for AID & Comfort Gala 2012

This obviously is not wedding photography, but I am just as passionate about it. I returned this year to photograph the 24th annual AID and Comfort Gala in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The theme was "The World of Burlesque." Guests arrived wearing amazing costumes and there were many great performers and performances.  

The reason I love to volunteer anything related to Southwest CARE Center is because it is such an amazing organization. It provides comprehensive medical care, research, education, prevention and support services to people affected by HIV/AIDS and related conditions in New Mexico. It is a cause that is near and dear to my heart because my husband's cousin died of AIDS.

Here we have Santa Fe's own Mena Domina of Zircus Erotique, a contemporary & classic burlesque dance company. The Gala was held at Buffalo Thunder. Peter Lovato, the director of catering and events, did an amazing job as did all the volunteers and staff from Southwest Care Center. 

Ms. Frenchie Davis performed for an enormous crowd. It was such a lively and colorful event, I LOVED documenting all the festivities. Proceeds from this event benefit the AID & Comfort Fund which provides care and services, including life-saving medications, that are not otherwise covered by insurance or other programs to over 600 people living with HIV/AIDS in New Mexico. Bravo!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Melanie & Robert {Santa Fe Wedding Photography}

I love when couples choose Santa Fe as their destination wedding location. Melanie & Robert (and most of their family) came from Oklahoma.

The detail of her beautiful wedding dress.

Awww...the shoes!

Melanie & Robert before the ceremony. They chose not to see each.

Capturing the moment when Robert sees Melanie for the first time, the day of the wedding, walking down the isle!

I love this photograph. Melanie's father was choked up.

The beautiful courtyard at La Posada de Santa Fe.

The ceremony was performed by Robert's childhood friend.  

The flowers were by the wonderful Marissa. I love the expression on the flower girls' faces as they witness the "kiss".

The groomsmen posing with Melanie.

Margaritas & Sangria during the reception. Melanie's best friend and maid of honor, Teal, with groomsman and former model.

There were so many fun details,  like the shoes.

Melanie with her mom & sister.

Robert's nephew was the ring bearer. He made it part way down the isle before turning right around and toddling back to the last row.

Melanie and Robert's first dance.

The cake cutting didn't get "too" messy.

I love this photo because it shows Robert being silly with his nephew. 

Melanie and Robert hired this "Tequila" donkey for the reception.  He was lead into the reception hall sporting tequila shots. While that was really fun for the guests, what struck me most about Melanie's kindness was her interest in making sure that her niece got to feed the donkey an apple. She also arranged for s'more around the fire pit. Another thoughtful add-on for the little ones.

Melanie's sister dancing with her daughters, the officiant & his wife!

Teal twirling the flower girl. David Stone, the remarkable wedding planner at La Posada, saw the full moon (which gave him chills, it was so beautiful) pulled us all out of the reception to try and capture a portrait. Thanks David for your creative eye!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Michelle & Rashad {Walnut Creek, California Wedding Photography}

I had an absolute blast photographing Michelle & Rashad's wedding. 
I felt so privileged that they flew me from Santa Fe, New Mexico 
to photograph their wedding in Walnut Creek,California.

Michelle admitted to having "butterflies." 

What made it so special is the fact that I am related to Michelle. She is my cousin Steve's daughter and my Aunt Jane and Uncle Stuart's grand daughter. Not only was I excited to re-connect with family that I hadn't seen in awhile. I was also excited to photograph a wedding in California. A state that is near and dear to my heart. I was born in Oakland but raised in Wisconsin. We spent many summers visiting family in California when I was a kid. 

These were the comfortable shoes she planned to slip into for the dance.

Looking glam in the hotel lobby at Clarion.

Waiting for the ceremony to start.

Seeing her dad, my cousin Steve, for the first time in her dress!

Being chauffeured to the ceremony in the family Jaguar. 

The adorable flower girls. Being walked down the isle by her father.

There were lots of tears and laughter during the ceremony.

My mom and dad watching the ceremony.

I couldn't help turning the camera to my parents during the ceremony. This is my mom and dad. It was wonderful to see them too, they came from Wisconsin.

Michelle showing gratitude towards her grandfather, my uncle, for officiating the ceremony.

The girls in their gorgeous muted colors.

A portrait taken at the Elk's Lodge.

Michelle and Rashad don't actually hold hands, they hold "fingers" just like this.

Rashad's brother Nick giving a toast.

All eyes were on Nick during his toast.

My cousin Lisa and her bashful daughter Hailey! The happy couple dancing with  Michelle's brother Miles.

I love this shot of Rashad hugging cousin Hilary. There's a lot of love there!

The rings and parting "thank you" gifts.

I had the pleasure of having Monika Greenaway as my second photographer. Please visit her blog by clicking here.

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