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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Melanie & Robert {Santa Fe Wedding Photography}

I love when couples choose Santa Fe as their destination wedding location. Melanie & Robert (and most of their family) came from Oklahoma.

The detail of her beautiful wedding dress.

Awww...the shoes!

Melanie & Robert before the ceremony. They chose not to see each.

Capturing the moment when Robert sees Melanie for the first time, the day of the wedding, walking down the isle!

I love this photograph. Melanie's father was choked up.

The beautiful courtyard at La Posada de Santa Fe.

The ceremony was performed by Robert's childhood friend.  

The flowers were by the wonderful Marissa. I love the expression on the flower girls' faces as they witness the "kiss".

The groomsmen posing with Melanie.

Margaritas & Sangria during the reception. Melanie's best friend and maid of honor, Teal, with groomsman and former model.

There were so many fun details,  like the shoes.

Melanie with her mom & sister.

Robert's nephew was the ring bearer. He made it part way down the isle before turning right around and toddling back to the last row.

Melanie and Robert's first dance.

The cake cutting didn't get "too" messy.

I love this photo because it shows Robert being silly with his nephew. 

Melanie and Robert hired this "Tequila" donkey for the reception.  He was lead into the reception hall sporting tequila shots. While that was really fun for the guests, what struck me most about Melanie's kindness was her interest in making sure that her niece got to feed the donkey an apple. She also arranged for s'more around the fire pit. Another thoughtful add-on for the little ones.

Melanie's sister dancing with her daughters, the officiant & his wife!

Teal twirling the flower girl. David Stone, the remarkable wedding planner at La Posada, saw the full moon (which gave him chills, it was so beautiful) pulled us all out of the reception to try and capture a portrait. Thanks David for your creative eye!

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Anonymous said...

These are great! How fun! I especially enjoyed some of the details as well and really appreciate how you shot them. Looks like a great wedding!

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