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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Doriane & Scott Engagement

I had so much fun meeting and getting to know Doriane and Scott. We met in Amarillo, Texas for the engagement session. Why Amarillo? Because it is half way between Oklahoma, where Doriane and Scott live on a horse ranch and Santa Fe (where Doriane's famliy is from). Doriane's mom Tina and her friend Kathie helped orchestrate the weekend. Not only did they plan to have me shoot the engagement session, Doriane and the girls went dress shopping the following day. I mentioned that Doriane and Scott live on a horse ranch. Well, I was told that they are all "horse" people. Initially, I didn't know what that meant. After getting to know them, I learned that they are serious horse people. Scott trains and competes with cutting horses. Doriane grew up with horses. Her parents live on a ranch near Santa Fe and have their own horses and board others. They are getting married at this beautiful equestrian part of Buffalo Thunder that traces back to her father's family. I am just so excited to have the opportunity to photograph a wedding in a new location with HORSES as an element of the day.  I simply can't wait for the wedding on June 4th. It's going to be amazing.

I asked Doriane and Scott if they had any pets. They told me that their two dogs were in the car. Of course I had to see them and get a few shots.

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