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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Head shots & Dog shot {Santa Fe Wedding Photography}

Sometimes my wedding clients will refer me to their friends, even when it's not a wedding referral. For instance, Ranier knew that her married friends, Ed and Judy, both needed head shots for their individual businesses. She gave them my name. When I have time (like now, like today), I will do portrait jobs. Besides that, it's hard for me to turn down any photography. I enjoy it so much. So we made arrangements to shoot a session for professional head shots. What I love about going to someone's home is that I get to observe their environment. 

First we got the head shots out of the way. Don't they look professional? I think so.

Then it was time to get some fun shots. What I consider "snuggley" portraits. Look, they are still in love, after fifteen years of marriage. I can't help it. It's the wedding photographer in me, that can't resist capturing love.

 Then I had to steal some portraits of their amazing dogs. Here is Lucy. She was watching us so intently. Look at those eyes!


Sara said... great! Love that pic of the dog too, she's adorable! (plus, love the name Lucy for a pup)

Unknown said...

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