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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

[SIN]pathy band shoot

I had such a great time doing a photo shoot with Jessica's band on Sunday. I photographed Jessica's wedding last September and heard her amazing voice that weekend when she sang to her new husband Brad. I'm so excited that she is in a band again. It truly is her calling. So when she asked if I'd shoot some band photographs I was excited. I practiced some new techniques that I learned at the annual convention I attend every year for WPPI ~ wedding and portrait photographers international in Las Vegas.

I went into the room where the band practices, turned off all the lights and shut the curtains (learned this from Gerry Ghionis, attended his two day plus class) . Beginning with a completely dark space, I brought back light by opening the curtains slightly. These portraits were shot in front of the window.

Geraldo Garcia drums and Jessica Preston vocals.

Sean Pilgrim guitar.

Then we went across the street to shoot some group shots near the Santa Fe River.

Roberto had access to this awesome building with great light.


Shannon said...

Awesome band pix!

Corinna said...

Thanks Shannon!

Unknown said...

I love the photos you've shared here. Those are fantastic. The picture clearly depicts the relationship of the intimate atmosphere with the solo artist. I was able to contrast the picture to the style of the music. It's kind of unusual shoot indeed, which only few professional wedding photographers in Chennai follow.

Anonymous said...

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S Bhalaje said...

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