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Monday, November 22, 2010

Michelle & Glen

I have known Michelle and Glen for years. Glen used to work with my husband so we've been to Christmas parties together and we even went on a company cruise together. I had the pleasure of photographing Michelle when she was pregnant last year (Adding to the Family) and then again when their son was a newborn ( He's Here!). They called me again this year for a family portrait. He's almost one now. I absolutely love photographing friends year after year. I love to document the changes as their children and families grow.

We shot part of the session near the Explora building in Albuquerque, which is a fun science, technology and art museum. This one almost has the feel that they are about to board an enormous ship, an ocean liner. Look at those windows! Love them.

I think Michelle is so unbelievably beautiful. I love when I can steal the couple away from the kids for a few intimate shots. It is the parents who hold the family together after all....

Last year braces on, this year braces off. Look at that wonderful smile.

These shots were so fun and unexpected. Michelle's brother drove over on his motorcycle to see what we were up to. Glen put the little man on the cycle first and he was delighted. Then the girls joined in. What a fun way to end the session. Thanks "boy" for stopping by.

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Luke said...

No wedding would be complete without the fun and grace of having little girls dressed as flower girls leading you up the isle but as every bride knows it can also spoil a day if these little girls are not comfortable with what there are wearing. It is going to take time to ensure that everything is perfect for them and time is something that most brides don’t have.

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