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Thursday, November 25, 2010

2nd shooting with Vlad Chaloupka

I had the honor and pleasure of 2nd shooting with Vlad Chaloupka. He was hired to shoot James and Ashley's wedding. My job as his second shooter was to take shots of James and the groomsmen while Vlad photographed Ashley and her bridesmaids getting ready. It was so fun to hang with the "men" for once. I was also there to shoot the wedding from a different angle and details of the reception. Here are a few of my images from the day. Vlad so generously let me post my images on my blog. Not only that, he retouched some of them. Thanks Vlad!

I love sweet little details that explain something unique about a couple. James and Ashley both bought special gifts for each other (watch and ring). Both of them planned to surprise the other the day of the wedding. Neither one was expecting a gift so they both were shocked and delighted.


Vladimir Chaloupka said...

Hey Corinna, really really nice job on this wedding--thank you for 2nd shooting with me, and I'm looking forward to shooting with you again on Sunday!!

Shanna said...

These are GREAT, Corinna!

Corinna See said...

Thanks Shanna and Vlad! I appreciate the kind words and time you took to view my work.

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