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Monday, December 28, 2015

Winter Wonderland ~ Minnesota Wedding ~ 12/26/15

It was a joy to capture Tara and Jake's wedding day memories on this December 26, 2015.

The excitement of seeing mom for the first time with hair and make-up ready.

All the men wore these pins.

This moment was so sweet. In order to get to the turret at Fort Snelling, we had to walk through snow. Jake carried Tara and she shouted, "This is why I love getting married to a Marine!"

 What a handsome couple!

 The beautiful wedding party.

 View from the bridge at Fort Snelling.

 A quote on the back of their program, chapel at Fort Snelling.

Tara had very few requests for photography. But this was important to her. She wanted a photograph with ALL her brothers because on this day, she gained three more.

 The Fort Snelling chapel.

 The kiss!

 Her father's toast was funny and sentimental (it even made me cry).

 Laughter between tears during the toast.

 Another photograph that Tara requested was three generations with her mother and grandmother's hands.

 They only have eyes for each other.

 There were so many moments of pure fun that reflected the wonderful friendships Tara and Jake have.

 Tara's brother Kyle "bustin' a move" at the reception.

End of the night, during the dance. This warm embrace says it all.

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