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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Met in the ER in Philadelphia {Santa Fe Wedding Photographer}

Sarah and her fiance Matt are from Philadelphia. She contacted me regarding her wedding photography for their upcoming Santa Fe wedding. Why Santa Fe? Because Matt grew up in Espanola, a town approximately 40 minutes from Santa Fe.  This is one of the many places where their family lives (the Philippines, Germany and New York are some of the other areas, to name a few).

A reflection.

So how did Sarah and Matt meet? In the ER in Philadelphia. Don't worry it wasn't an accident where either one was injured. They both work there.

The ring.

Lucky for me, they came to town months before the wedding to finalize wedding details. It became a perfect opportunity to meet in person and have a fun engagement session!

Looking at Indian jewelry on the plaza.

Santa Fe is so full of rich historical culture. This is in front of  the Palace of the Governors. One of the oldest buildings in the country. Native Americans sell their jewelry here.

A fun moment.

It began to snow!

We were wandering around the plaza, taking photos and it was a tad bit cold. We decided to take some shots of Saint Francis Cathedral from the view on top of La Fonda. Unexpectedly, it started to snow.

Top of La Fonda in the snow.

Local street musicians playing Pachebel's Canon in D.

Then as we were finishing up the session, we noticed these street musicians playing the beautiful music often heard at weddings, Pachebel's Canon in D. It was so fitting and appropriate. I can't wait for their wedding in July. It is going to be amazing.

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