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Monday, June 6, 2011

La Mesita ~ Doriane Woolley & Scott Wray ~ June 4, 2011

Doriane and Scott's wedding was quite a production! First of all, it was held at La Mesita ranch which is now owned by Buffalo Thunder. It had been in Mott's family (the father of the bride) for many years. In fact, he spent his youth growing up there. I went out several times before the wedding to get an understanding of the wedding day schedule. During those pre-wedding visits, I learned a little history about Mott's time there as a child.

I thought it was ironic and delightful to see one of the flower girls hiding under the chair in the master bedroom. She was such a sweetie pie. She had silently crept in while I was alone in the master bedroom photographing Doriane's dress, jewelry and shoes. You can imagine my surprise when I turned around and saw her under the chair. Mott spoke of entering this room, which was his parent's bedroom, as a little tyke and having Christmas morning near the fireplace.

Doriane received this amazing turquoise bracelet from her mother Tina. Look at those shoes!

I love when I have a few quiet moments alone with the bride before the wedding.

The other flower girl was such a sweetheart. I happened to walk past the room where she had been getting ready. There she was, sitting there looking at her shoes, with the beam of sun illuminating her perfectly. That right there is what I love about photography. Capturing moments that are gone in a split second....

The flowers were stunning and done by Margaret Bost the owner at Margaret Bost Floral Design. This is Doriane's bouquet.

The bridesmaids bouquets.

Doriane and her mom Tina moments before the wedding. All the bridesmaids wore cowboy boots.

The first major part of the production of the wedding was getting guests from the equestrian area, where there was a mariachi band playing and horses jumping, to the location of the ceremony, which was near this beautiful pond. Horse carriage rides were available to all provided by Eric Roybal of Bear Creek Adventures.

Every detail was handled with care, even the seating at the ceremony.

Here is Scott seeing Doriane for the first time. She was escorted to the ceremony site in a horse drawn carriage with her father and the flower girls.

The Christian ceremony was beautiful and they received a blessing from a Native American. The wind was strong and stirred up dust clouds and blew things over. In my opinion, it was perfect for a wedding on a ranch!

Here are Scott's parents, Kay & Lewis Wray, watching the ceremony. I'm not suggesting that Kay's lip was quivering here, but let's just say that it was. Well, then I would have been fighting back a tear or two myself. You see, I can't watch another person cry without getting emotional.

The kiss and the happy couple!

This is one of my favorite images from the day.

Next up, after the ceremony was the reception at the main house. You can see the fields in the distance. Did I mention that La Mesita is over 100 acres? Dinner was buffet style with Italian in the main house, Mexican in the guest house and BBQ down by the pool. Guests were free to wander the property. Peter Lovato, who is the head of catering at Buffalo Thunder, did an amazing job making it all happen.

The gorgeous bridal party. When Doriane's mom told me they were "horse" people I didn't really know what that meant. Well, she wasn't kidding. Most of these folks ride, train and work with horses on a daily basis. The cowboy hats came off for this photo.

The tent for the reception was stunning and was placed over the tennis court. Naomi Romero and her team from Garcia's Tents did an incredible job setting that up.

Mott's toast.

Vicki Speer of Solstice (from Absolute Entertainment) did an amazing job performing with her band.

I love this photo. It's Scott squeezing his mom and mother-in-law at the end of the night. Please visit my dear friend, Tonya Peterson's blog. She is an amazing photographer and was available to second shoot with me. She posted some of her shots from the day. 

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