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Friday, August 27, 2010


I am fiercely protective of my brides. I want them to relax and enjoy the day. For instance, when I was with my last bride, at the salon, I noticed her toenails, they looked well.... a tad bit shabby (no offense Ranier). I asked if she was going to be getting a pedicure. She said that she didn't have time, instead she was going to run to the grocery store, after getting her hair done, to buy some last minute refreshments. What?!? No. No. No. I took some quick shots and ran to the grocery store for her. I got back just in time to shoot the final stages of her hair getting styled.

Then we arrived at the location where her family and bridesmaids were getting ready. Everyone was so busy, no one had time to help. I literally put my camera down and painted her toes as her make-up artist was working on her face.

Awwww, much better.

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