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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Supporting Our Troops for Valentines Day

I read about a wonderful organization, Portraits of Love that was dedicated to sending family portraits to deployed soldiers during the holidays in 2009. Photographers donated their time taking family portraits. The printing of these portraits, the paper and postage was donated too. I wanted to participate but the holidays were over by the time I read about this great effort. Some of you know that I am fairly liberal in my political views. While I don't necessarily agree with the leader who put us in Iraq in the first place, I do support our troops. So I decided to offer free 'Boudoir' sessions, printing and postage to soldiers who are currently overseas. This way they could receive a beautiful Valentine's Day portrait of their loved one. One happy officer e-mailed me all the way from Iraq to say thanks. He told his wife that the beautiful pictures of her were what was going to get him through. That makes me feel good. :)

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Bree said...

How cool is that! Lovely, lovely image, too!

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